Even with top-notch celebrity stylists on the hook, the 85th Academy Awards had its share of fashion fails. Oh, for the days when stars did not employ an army of stylists and bought their gowns off the rack. Then we had even more fashion don’ts. Still, some stars managed to make some pretty awful choices on the Oscars red carpet.
Helena Bonham Carter, perennial favorite to hiss at, gives reason for her worst dressed status. She always looks as if she just escaped from an attic and is playing dress-up with Miss Havisham’s discards. She keeps that bad fashion mojo going with this Vivienne Westwood frock.
Reese Witherspoon, of the perfect hair and amazing body for a new mom, picked a garish cobalt and black Louis Vuitton gown. She credited her 13-year-old daughter with helping her pick it. As sweet as that is, the gown was better suited for a 13-year-old.
Halle Berry, who has been stunning at the Oscars, chose this silver and black art deco Donatella Versace gown. The question is why.
Nicole Kidman, all that height and beauty, and she came off looking like a lost mermaid in that Balenciaga number.
Jennifer Garner, we all love you, but what was going on with that grape dress with that very busy back? Question of the night is if she will be able to sit in that. 
Yes, she is the Hollywood “it” girl of the moment, but honorable worst dressed mention must go to Jennifer Lawrence wearing a Dior gown that cut into her too tight at the bust, and with an overly fussy skirt, looked as if she skinned her great aunt’s sofa.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler