When Zap2it asked “Outlander” star Tobias Menzies at Paleyfest what his guilty pleasure TV show is, he got an unexpected gift in return: An awareness of “MasterChef Junior.”

Though he says he is usually “relentlessly high-brow” and mostly watches “very earnest and well-meaning documentaries,” Menzies admits, “Occasionally I love vegging out to something like ‘MasterChef’ or something, those cook shows. Do you have ‘MasterChef’ over here?”
When he learned that not only does the United States have its own Americanized version of “MasterChef” but also a version starring talented child chefs called “MasterChef Junior,” his response is priceless.
“Like tiny kids doing it? Is that not a bit … weird? Are they cooking like this?” Menzies asks, motioning with his arms over his head. “I’m excited.”
And excited he should be. If you’re not watching the FOX series, then you’re doing yourself a disservice by missing out on adorableness like this video below:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz