The end of the March 8 episode of “Outsiders” brought with it a big change within the Farrell clan. Lady Ray (Phyllis Somerville) is dead and a new Bren’in reigns supreme.

After being locked away by Lady Ray and the rest of the clan, Big Foster (David Morse) convinced his son (Ryan Hurst) to help him escape his confinement, at which time he secretly killed the Bren’in. With that, he now takes control of the clan — and clearly plans to take them in a very different direction.

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Kyle Gallner, who plays Hasil on the series, tells Zap2it, “He knows this is bad.”

“Hasil’s not dumb,” Gallner says. “He knows the way things are and he’s been on the receiving end of Big. He knows that means things are going to change.”

You’ll remember only a few episodes back when Hasil paid for his deception of the Farrells by losing some of his fingers to Foster’s blade. Hasil got a bit of revenge on Foster by being one of the voices that led to his imprisonment, but that’s a decision he may come to regret.

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When he was with Big and he was trusted, it’s like being under a dragon’s wing. It’s still warm, but it’s scary.

“[Hasil] f***ed up. He took a step at Big in that episode. He takes a little bit of a ‘now you and me are even’ thing,” the actor explains. “That’s kind of his reckless nature coming out and maybe he shouldn’t have done that, now he’d better keep his eyes open.”

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