Before the Season 2 premiere of “Outsiders” on WGN America, Screener is taking some time to get to know the characters that make up the Farrell clan and the actors that play them. Follow along as you prepare for the return of Outsiders on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 9 p.m.

All hail the Bren'in! When the first season of "Outsiders" came to a close, it was G'Winveer (Gillian Alexy) who stood tall as leader of the Farrell clan (although not after a great deal of drama and a missing body -- where's Big Foster [David Morse]?). But how close is the actress to the role she plays? That's exactly what we were wondering when it came time for Alexy to answer the "Outsiders" Q&A. What was most surprising was who she'd choose to be Bren'in of her own personal clan -- spoiler: It's not G'winn!

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Given the Farrells preferred method of transportation is via ATVs, how good are you riding a quad?

I think I’d be pretty good if they ever let me on one! Been bugging the producers all season to put Gwin on a quad. Think the fans would love that, right?

Would you ever get one of the show's tattoos permanently inked on you? Which one?

Gwin’s tattoos are beautiful, and designed by the uber-talented guys at Up In Arms Tattoos in Pittsburgh. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but just can’t make up my mind on what! I think the only permanent ink I’d put on my body would have to be my own design though.

How long could you survive living with the Farrell Clan?

Well, I’ve done 2 years so far!

If you had to go live on the mountain, what one item would you need to bring with you?

My dog, Disco Queen!

Looking beyond your character, would you side with the town or the mountain?

I think both sides are fighting to survive. It’s never cut and dried -- and there are many issues plaguing both the town folks and the Farrells. I do love the simplicity with which the Farrells have chosen to live though.

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If you could name any living person Bren'in of your own clan, who would you choose and why?

Shurn [Tina Alexis Allen]! That girl’s got some serious backbone and definitely isn’t a fan of Big Foster. So girl’s got my vote!

Between tattoos, dirt, blood and everything else, on average how long do you spend in the makeup chair on any given day?

It’s the first television job I’ve ever done where I don’t wear any makeup! And I thought it was going to be in and out, but no -- the dirt and tats do take a while. My hair and make up artists are excellent and we have it down to about 1 hour/45 minutes.

Who's your favorite character to watch, besides your own?

Krake! Mark Jeffery Miller is the sweetest, most interesting guy and I just love watching him work.

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