Before the Season 2 premiere of “Outsiders” on WGN America, Screener is taking some time to get to know the characters that make up the Farrell clan and the actors that play them. Follow along as you prepare for the return of Outsiders on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 9 p.m.

When it comes to the first family of Shay Mountain, there is no looking beyond Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst). Over the course of the first season of "Outsiders," Lil Foster lived through his father killing his grandmother to take control of the family, marrying the woman he loves -- and saw his clan's entire existence on the brink of destruction from within. Now in Season 2, things aren't getting better -- as Lil finds himself locked up in jail.

It's a difficult role to pull off, and can be argued that nobody would do it quite as well as Hurst. It's not as if he's new to deeply flawed and complicated parts -- especially considering his memorable roles on "Sons of Anarchy" and "Bates Motel." The life he brings to Lil Foster is undeniable. But how similar is he to the character? We had Hurst take our "Outsiders" Q&A to find out.

Ryan Hurst on 'Outsiders'

Given the Farrells preferred method of transportation is via ATVs, how good are you riding a quad?

That's like asking the kid down at the local K-Mart how good he is on the quarter-ran mechanical horse; he answers with a grin and a hand out for another quarter.

Would you ever get one of the show's tattoos permanently inked on you? Which one?

Possibly... How much you gonna pay?

How long could you survive living with the Farrell Clan?

I'm partial to my van down by the LA River, but I think I could swing it up on Shay.

If you had to go live on the mountain, what one item would you need to bring with you?

My van, from the river. But if I can't get it up there, then my hammock.

Looking beyond your character, would you side with the town or the mountain?

That's an easy one. I think you know.

If you could name any living person Bren'in of your own clan, who would you choose and why?

Richard Simmons. Can you imagine? I just think he'd really liven up the place.

Between tattoos, dirt, blood and everything else, on average how long do you spend in the makeup chair on any given day?

I get almost nothing done. It's mostly a natural look for me.

Who's your favorite character to watch, besides your own?

Kyle [Gallner] is the next big thing.

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