That certainly was a bizarre way to cap off Season 1 of WGN America’s “Outsiders.” As local law enforcement came up the mountain to arrest Asa (Joe Anderson) and evict the Farrell clan, the first family of Appalachia did some chanting and somehow conjured an electric storm.

How, exactly, any of that came to pass is a mystery. After all, while the Farrell clan may seem a bit strange, “Outsiders” is still based in reality. The family is also arming themselves with guns. With all of that in mind, where does being able to control the weather fit in?

Of course, it could be a metaphor for something bigger as power within the clan has shifted yet again. After the apparent death of Big Foster (David Morse), G’Winveer (Gillian Alexy) has taken on the role of Bren’in and let the police know they won’t be leaving the mountain at any point soon.

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Where this leaves the developers who want to book the family is a mystery. If it turns out they are injecting a supernatural element into the show — which isn’t the craziest thing when you consider WGN America’s flagship series is “Salem” — then the fight between the Farrells and the developing world is about to get a lot more interesting.

That said, chances are the electrical storm won’t mean much. With G’Winn at the head of the family though — and aiming to right the wrongs Big Foster has been imposing — Season 2 is going to bring a major change for “Outsiders.”

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