When Season 1 of "Outsiders" came to an end, things were left in a very precarious situation. The authorities had stormed Shay Mountain to evict the Farrells, Big Foster (David Morse) was believed to be dead, leaving G'winveer (Gillian Alexy) to lead the family against the society that wanted them out.

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With Season 2, the clash between the mountain and the town is still there, but it's the inner-turmoil of the Farrell clan that's going to truly be the struggle you'll be dying to watch. After all, as trailers for "Outsiders" have shown, Big Foster is not only alive but he's making his way back to the clan. Where he stands in that group -- many of whom came to despise him during his short run as Bren'in -- is something he's going to have to figure out for himself.

But more than the respect of his people, it'll be the love of his son Lil' Foster (Ryan Hurst) that Big craves most.

"He's a guy who's never known love. He's never been loved. He's never learned how to love," Morse explains. "When he comes back, all he knows is that he essentially wants to love Lil' Foster and wants to be loved. What it means beyond that, he doesn't know."

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That's where things get a bit difficult, though: This season is going to find Lil' off Shay Mountain and locked in jail. For Hurst, the separation from his family presents a truly unique opportunity for Lil'.

"This is the first time he's had to think for himself. He doesn't have anyone else to relate to. His whole world, inside and out, has been his father and his family and the woman he loved," the actor says. "To really be completely and totally isolated and not only isolated but in an environment where he has to protect himself and define himself is his journey this time around."

He may not like who he defines himself as, though. Hurst teases, "One of the things I try to put in the back of my mind is at what point in his life being in jeopardy does Lil' Foster start to become like Big Foster? That's something that's always whittled it's way through."

What will Big think of the possible change in his son as he searches for his own redemption among the Farrell clan? That's a question that will have to be saved for later in the season. For now the name of the game -- for both Lil' and Big -- is survival.

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"He's got to survive, get back up to the top of the mountain and that's where he starts -- giving up the power," Morse says. "He's giving it over to G'winveer and basically committing himself like a knight. It's not going to be easy, it's going to be really complicated. But that's where he starts, giving himself to [G'win] and trying to find [Lil' Foster]."

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