While Haylie (Francie Swift) may have found redemption on "Outsiders," it was short-lived, at best. Upon her return to the town after realizing what was happening to the Farrell clan, Haylie's first stop was to confront her fellow coal company employee Ned (Jason McCune). She knows it's him that ordered the water and crops on Shay Mountain to be poisoned and she isn't about to let it slide.

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But before she can take him down, Haylie commits suicide, hanging herself in a hotel bathroom... At least, that's what someone wants us to believe. Her death clearly goes deeper and was most likely set up by Ned himself, rather than letting the knowledge that he poisoned the Farrells become public knowledge. Haylie was out for his blood and wanted him arrested. Those types of threats can make a man desperate.

Unfortunately, that desperation takes one of the most interesting characters on "Outsiders" away from us far too soon -- but not before Swift was able to dig a little deeper, though.

"I think it's so fun to hate Haylie, especially in Season 1. I think one of the fun things about Season 2 as a whole is you have to start dealing with the complexities," the actress tells Screener. "Nobody's all good and nobody's all bad."

Naturally, making Haylie a deeper and more complex character has made it more difficult for Swift to say goodbye to the role, which she was proud to play.

"When you've played a character that long, it's like saying goodbye to a friend. It's a really bittersweet moment," she says. "I was just grateful that Peter [Tolan] and the writers gave me the chance to become a well-rounded character before she died. That was a lovely gift to me as an actor."

It's also a wonderful gift for the audience, Swift says. After all, while seeing a tried and true villain be brought down may pack more of an instantaneous punch, "I think she has a more interesting and complex emotional payoff."

Thankfully, Haylie's influence isn't done being felt on the show. As we saw before she was found, Haylie hid soil and water samples from the poisoned Shay Mountain to be analyzed -- once they are discovered, Ned is in for a rude awakening.

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