Sure, “Parenthood”s’ Joel and Julia were all hunky-dory during Season 6’s third-to-last episode — come on, ice skating makes everything better — but is there still more to their relationship to fix? Will they actually, really get back together this time? Can fans finally breathe easy? According to Erika Christensen, all is well on the Joel and Julia front.

“Listen, there’s two more episodes,” Christensen tells Zap2it. “A lot happens in both of them, but none of the things that happen are [Joel and Julia] breaking up.”

You heard it, folks. Joel and Julia are officially on the mend and there’s no sad end for them in sight, which means you can wipe that sweat from your brow. Because of that, it’s finally OK to revisit the milestone Joelia moments that put fans through the wringer and fondly look back at them knowing that, in the end, love is still in the air. Why? Because Christensen most definitely is.

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“I’ve just been so excited because I figured people … [who] care about Joel and Julia [were] going to freak out,” says Christensen. “Mainly, when [Joel and Julia], instead of signing the divorce papers, made up — that was huge. We definitely thought people were going to lose their minds.”

Don’t you even worry for a second, Christensen. Fans definitely lost their minds. Now all they have to worry about are all of “the things” that are happening in the final two episodes.

Additional reporting by Terri Schwartz.

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