Sadly, the time has come to officially start preparing for the end of “Parenthood.” Yes, it’s a time that fans probably never wanted to see come, but, nevertheless, it is here.

On Tuesday (Nov. 11), architect Joel Sam Jaeger took to Twitter to share a picture of the final page of the final script of the final season of “Parenthood.”

So what do Jaeger’s “Wow”s mean? Is the much-rumored death actually going to happen in the last episode? Well, probably not — if there’s going to be a death, it seems like it would fit better in an earlier episode so as to give the family members and fans closure. Or does it end with Julia and Joel kissing on their front porch and Victor and Sydney running in for a family hug? Fingers crossed. Or is Jaeger just so overwhelmed by the finality of the script that he is at a loss for words? Makes sense. Or is the script just so beautiful that he’s stunned into silence? Hopefully.

But whether Jaeger’s almost speechless response is in regards to the contents of the script or the fact that a chapter of his life is coming to a close, it’s safe to assume that the finale is going be just as emotional for fans as it is for the cast.

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Case in point, fans immediately responded to Jaeger’s tweet with emotional pleas, threat of tears, nonsensical sounds, endless heart-wrenching emojis and a lot of caps lock action.

That’s right, “Parenthood” — fans aren’t ready for this.

Are you emotionally prepared for the series finale?

Posted by:Casey Rackham