mae whitman baby parenthood series finale nbc 'Parenthood' series finale: Watch the deleted scenesThere couldn’t have been a dry eye in the house when the series finale of “Parenthood” aired Jan. 29. Fortunately to help ease the pain, NBC has released some deleted scenes so fans can get some extra Braverman love in their lives. 

Check out the scenes below, featuring a surprise visit from Seth (John Corbett) to see his grandson; Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) pre-wedding dinner; and Hank (Ray Romano) sharing a heartfelt moment with his daughter to ease his pre-wedding jitters. 
1. Seth meets Zeek
Amber (Mae Whitman) is adjusting to mommy life when she gets a surprise visit from her father. Sarah sees this as a perfect opportunity to break the news to Seth about her marriage to Hank. 
2. Sarah’s pre-wedding roast 

On the night before Sarah’s wedding, the Bravermans reflect on all of her infamous ex-boyfriends. 
3. Ruby gives Hank fashion advice 

Ruby gives her father a little bit of fashion advice for his big day. Thank goodness he didn’t go with the bowtie. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins