cast parenthood nbc 1 Everything you need to know about 'Parenthood' before the series finale
Side effects of not watching “Parenthood” may include: Constantly feeling out of the loop, always having a full supply of untouched tissues and freaking out every time your mom calls you at 11 p.m. on a Thursday because you can’t hear her through her tears and you don’t know how to comfort her because you have no clue what’s going on.

If that sounds like something you’ve experienced before, then you need to hop on the “Parenthood” bandwagon before it stops at its final destination — the series finale — on Thursday (Jan. 29).

OK, so, truthfully, Jan. 29 is pretty close and watching six seasons’ worth of a family drama in three weeks is quite a daunting task. So if binge-watching on Netflix is just too much, then look no further than Zap2it‘s comprehensive character guide to “Parenthood.”

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Check out the guide below to catch up on all of the must-know facts of the show so you can participate in the crying and conversation before “Parenthood” ends for good.

1. Zeek Braverman

Played by: Craig T. Nelson

Family tree: He is the husband of Camille; father of Adam, Crosby, Sarah and Julia; and grandfather of Amber, Drew, Haddie, Max, Nora, Jabbar, Aida, Sydney and Victor.

Talking points

  • He is ridiculously stubborn
  • He was a soldier in Vietnam
  • He cheated on Camille in the pre-show past
  • He made a bad investment and was forced to turn to his son, Adam, for help
  • He has had various health issues

Season 6 update: He recently suffered two heart attacks and is now deciding if surgery — which probably won’t go well — is the best next step.

2. Camille Braverman

Played by: Bonnie Bedelia

Family tree: She is the wife of Zeek; mother of Adam, Crosby, Sarah and Julia; and grandmother of Amber, Drew, Haddie, Max, Nora, Jabbar, Aida, Sydney and Victor.

Talking points

  • She had an affair after finding out about Zeek’s affair
  • She had somewhat of a late-midlife crisis and went to Italy to paint for a month

Season 6 update: She has struggled this season as she’s had to watch Zeek deal with his health issues.

3. Adam Braverman

Played by: Peter Krause

Family tree: He is the eldest son of Zeek and Camille; brother of Crosby, Julia and Sarah; husband of Kristina; and father of Haddie, Max and Nora.

Talking points

  • He has beautifully handled Max’s Asperger’s diagnosis
  • He was right by Kristina’s side during her cancer treatment
  • He was fired from his job at a shoe company and decided to open up a recording studio called the Luncheonette with Crosby
  • His assistant kissed him once, but his marriage is totally fine

Season 6 update: This season Adam has struggled greatly with the financial decline of the Luncheonette and, honestly, he’d like to leave it behind; however, Crosby wants to keep it. Family-wise, he’s been helping out with the charter school that Kristina founded, and he’s been his usual I-have-a-stick-up-my-butt-but-I-still-know-how-to-smile self.

4. Kristina Braverman

Played by: Monica Potter

Family tree: She is the wife of Adam and mother of Haddie, Max and Nora.

Talking points

  • She is probably the best mother in the world
  • She did not have a good home life growing up
  • She survived breast cancer
  • She ran for mayor of Berkeley, but lost
  • She opened a charter school for Max and other kids like him so they can learn in a safe environment

Season 6 update: She’s currently the headmaster at Max’s charter school, and she’s had to deal with the responsibilities of her new position.

5. Max Braverman

Played by: Max Burkholder

Family tree: He is the son of Adam and Kristina and brother of Haddie and Nora.

Talking points

  • He has Asberger’s Syndrome
  • He loves lizards
  • He has dealt with way too much bullying in his lifetime (one time someone peed in his canteen)

Season 6 update: While at his new school, Max has been much happier, but he has still had to deal with some level of bullying. He’s also dealt with having his first crush and the pain that comes from not being liked back.

6. Haddie Braverman

haddie kiss parenthood nbc Everything you need to know about 'Parenthood' before the series finale
Played by: Sarah Ramos

Family tree: She is the eldest daughter of Adam and Kristina and the sister of Max and Nora.

Talking points

  • She struggled with the fact that her cousin Amber slept with her boyfriend
  • She dated Alex, a recovering alcoholic who was older than her and who worked in a soup kitchen where she volunteered
  • She moved in with her grandparents at one point because her parents didn’t want her to date Alex
  • She totally butt-dialed her parents while she was having sex for the first time
  • She left for college at Cornell and is rarely on the show anymore
  • Based on the last time viewers saw her, she is in a same-sex relationship with a girl named Lauren

Season 6 update: Who even knows?

7. Sarah Braverman

Played by: Lauren Graham

Family tree: She is the daughter of Zeek and Camille; sister of Adam, Crosby and Julia; and mother of Amber and Drew.

Talking points

  • She moved back in with her parents in the pilot
  • She worked as a bartender before becoming a photographer
  • She wrote a play that was produced
  • She is divorced from the father of her children
  • She was previously engaged to Amber’s teacher, Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter), but is now in a relationship with her previous boss, Hank (Ray Romano)
  • She became the manager of an apartment building

Season 6 update: Things have been going so well with her and Hank — aka, she’s getting along with his bratty daughter now — that he just proposed to her. But she hasn’t said yes yet.

8. Drew Holt

Played by: Miles Heizer

Family tree: He is the son of Sarah and his out-of-the picture dad, Seth, and brother of Amber.

Talking points

  • He’s extremely sensitive
  • He dealt with his girlfriend Amy’s abortion
  • He’s possibly still in an open relationship with a girl from college
  • One time he was high with Amber at a family dinner and it was great

Season 6 update: Drew has been away at college doing his own thing — and occasionally having life meltdowns — but mostly he’s been spending time with his grandfather. Out of all of the children, he’s taken Zeek’s health problems the hardest.

9. Amber Holt

Played by: Mae Whitman

Family tree: She is the daughter of Sarah and Seth and brother of Drew.

Talking points

  • In the beginning of the series, she was a pretty angry teenager
  • She slept with Haddie’s boyfriend
  • She had a crush on her teacher, Mark Cyr, but then found out he had feelings for her mother
  • She almost got killed in a car accident
  • She drunkenly tried to beat up her father
  • She worked with Kristina for a local politician, but quit after she and the politician started to grow feelings for each other
  • She was engaged to Ryan (Matt Lauria), a young veteran, but ultimately ended the relationship after a number of mishaps on his end (drunk driving, jealousy issues, his oft-untreated PTDS)
  • She works at the Luncheonette, which is owned by Crosby and Adam
  • She is pregnant with Ryan’s baby

Season 6 update: Amber is about to give birth, and she’s planning on raising the baby as a single mother.

10. Crosby Braverman

Played by: Dax Shepard

Family tree: He is the son of Zeek and Camille; brother of Adam, Sarah and Julia; husband of Jasmine; and father of Jabbar and Aida.

Talking points

  • He’s pretty reckless
  • At the beginning of the series he found out from his now-wife Jasmine that he had a 5-year-old son named Jabbar that he never knew about
  • He cheated on Jasmine with Max’s behavioral aide, but after Jasmine and Crosby took a break from each other, they ultimately got back together
  • He co-owns the Luncheonette with Adam

Season 6 update: Crosby has a had a seriously rough season. After injuring himself while angrily riding his motorcycle, having some sort of midlife crisis and worrying about making enough money for his family, he seems to finally be in a good place.

11. Jasmine Trussell

Played by: Joy Bryant

Family tree: She is the wife of Crosby and mother of Jabbar and Aida.

Talking points

  • She is/was a dancer
  • Her mother doesn’t really get along with Crosby
  • She left Crosby after he cheated on her and then she started dating Jabbar’s pediatrician
  • She eventually married Crosby

Season 6 update: She’s had to watch Crosby go down a very destructive path, but she’s been good about getting him back to reality. She supports his decision to keep the Luncheonette.

12. Julia Braverman-Graham

Played by: Erika Christensen

Family tree: She is the daughter of Zeek and Camillie; sister of Sarah, Crosby and Adam; (estranged) wife of Joel; and mother of Sydney and Victor.

Talking points

  • She’s an ambitious lawyer
  • After finding out she couldn’t have any more kids, she endured a failed adoption
  • She and Joel ultimately ended up adopting their son Victor
  • She attempted to become a stay-at-home mom
  • She kissed another man after becoming jealous of Joel’s relationship with his boss
  • She and Joel separated

Season 6 update: After dating her college boyfriend for a while, she seems to want to get back together with Joel.

13. Joel Graham

Played by: Sam Jaeger

Family tree: He is the husband of Julia and father of Sydney and Victor.

Talking points

  • He was a stay-at-home father in the beginning of the series, and all of the other moms totally loved him
  • He eventually went back to work as a contractor and Julia stayed at home
  • He left Julia because she kissed another man

Season 6 update: He has worked his butt off this past season to get back with Julia, and it seems to be working. (Swoon.)

14. The other grandchildren

grandchildren parenthood season 6 nbc Everything you need to know about 'Parenthood' before the series finale
Sydney Graham (Savannah Paige Rae): She is the daughter of Julia and Joel.

  • She’s pretty bratty
  • She’s a know-it-all
  • She did not handle Victor’s adoption well
  • She is not currently handling her parents’ separation well

Victor Graham (Xolo Mariduena): He is the adopted son of Julia and Joel.

  • He was adopted during Season 3
  • His birth mother is currently in prison
  • He is middle-school aged
  • He’s had difficulties learning in school

Jabbar Trussell (Tyree Brown): He is the son of Crosby and Jasmine.

  • He loves Harry Potter
  • He once took a ballet class and Crosby had trouble with that

Aida Trussell: She is the daughter of Crosby and Jasmine.

  • She is an adorable baby

Nora Braverman (Mia and Ella Allan): She is the daughter of Adam and Kristina.

  • She is an adorable toddler

Got it all? Good. Now go and grab those tissues you never use. You’re going to need them.

“Parenthood” airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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