Somewhere in Pawnee, Ben Wyatt is rejoicing. The magical people at Mayfair Games are developing a real-life, playable version of his creation “Cones of Dunshire,” reports A.V. Club. 

Mayfair was contacted by the “Parks and Recreation” producers last season to come up with the bare bones rules of a fictional board game around which the could write jokes. That game turned into “Cones of Dunshire” — the board game Wyatt (played by Adam Scott) creates during his soul-searching period of unemployment. 
The game becomes a super hit amongst nerdy tech company billionaires on the show — and may find a cult following amongst real life fans as well. Mayfair debuted a protoype version of the game at the recent GenCon event in Indiana. “The Architect” Ben Wyatt even made a special introduction video for the event. 
Tickets to play “Cones” at the event were $100 and limited to 33 people. It sold out within minutes. According to Mayfair, the event raised over $20,000 for the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana’s Back Packs program. While the game is not ready for mass production yet, we can hope that “Cones” will be making it’s debut at a game night in your living room soon. 
Remember, it’s all about the cones. 
Posted by:Megan Vick