michael urie partners cbs 325 'Partners' 'funny gay guy' Michael Urie: 'You have to get typecast before you can get cast'Zap2it: How do you describe your over-the-top character in “Partners,” premiering Monday, Sept. 24?

Michael Urie: Louis will make rash decisions. He is very emotional, very self-involved. He always makes choices and decisions out of the heart. He is loosely based off Max Mutchnick [the series’ co-creator].

Zap2it: Do you watch the interactions between Mutchnick and his lifelong pal and co-creator, David Kohan, to inform the character?

Michael Urie: It’s like they are an act. They are not putting anything on. There is so much fun to be had by them. The fact that we are working on something loosely based on them, they have got their own shtick.

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Zap2it: It’s the crowded time of year for network shows, so how do you describe yours to make it stand out?

Michael Urie: It’s going to be a nice adult show, but not racy. In the same vein as, and between ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘2 Broke Girls,’ and also have a youthful sensibility as scintillating and sultry and sinister as gay porn — but without the porn.

Zap2it: Though you have done theater and film, you’re best known as Marc St. James on “Ugly Betty,” another hilarious and outrageous gay character. Are you worried about being typecast?

Michael Urie: You have to get typecast before you can get cast. “He is the funny gay guy.” I definitely was aware of it early on and I wonder if it will be a stigma for me. Since “Ugly Betty,” I have done so much theater. If I keep getting these hilarious fun parts on TV, I will be a happy actor.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler