The time has finally come: Someone has broken Pat Sajak.

During Monday (Nov. 10) night’s “best friends”-themed episode of “Wheel of Fortune” — which, based on everyone’s flowery outfits, most definitely took place in Hawaii — the gameshow host pretty much lost it after hearing the contestants’ weird horse-related answers.

In the above clip, the “best friends” are given a four-word puzzle with the category “What are you doing?” With only a single “N” locked in, one of the contestants excitedly shouts out, “Riding a brown horse,” which Sajak immediately says is not the correct answer. (Although, in all honesty, it’s probably not the worst answer given the lack of letters.)

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However, the horse references don’t stop there. After a “G” is added into the mix, one of the other contestants quickly — and probably without thinking the answer through — shouts out, “Riding a white horse,” which causes Sajack to literally walk off of the stage. Yup, Sajak finally heard an answer he just could not handle.

The host eventually turns back around, and, in a fit of disbelief and mild frustration, yells, “Who said anything about the horse?” while throwing his hands in the air. (The answer is … no one. Absolutely no one said anything about a horse.)

In the end, according to Uproxx, the correct answer was “Seeing a buddy movie.” Either way, here’s to hoping that one of next week’s episodes will be all about horses.

What do you think of Sajak’s reaction? Was his walk off understandable, or were the answers totally reasonable?

Posted by:Casey Rackham