Listen, real-life Patrick Dempsey is great and all, but knitted Patrick Dempsey might just take the cake.

On Wednesday’s (Sept. 24) “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the late-night host can’t help but share pictures of one person’s handmade, knitted finger-puppet fan art, which bears a striking resemblance to the “Grey’s Anatomy” star. Together, both Dempsey and Kimmel go through a collection of pictures of the puppets inspired by actual photographs of the actor.

“I don’t know if there is a greater honor than this, Patrick,” says Kimmel.

Honestly, those puppets are far from the worst fan art that could have been made. The artist, who posts her knitted masterpieces on Twitter and Tumblr, pretty much nailed Dempsey’s bouncy silver-fox hair.

Take a look at a few more pictures of the Dempsey look-a-likes next to the photos they’re modeled after.

What other actors would you like to see in finger-puppet form?

Posted by:Casey Rackham