patti stanger feb 2013 gi 'The Millionaire Matchmaker's' Patti Stanger: Ladies, have a glass of wineZap2it: What is your ideal date?

Patti Stanger: I am boring. I am a foodie, and amazing champagne and wine and sushi and sake go a long way for us in California. I am on the road so much that my ideal date is to stay home and cook. [My boyfriend] Dave and I like to stay home.

Zap2it: What is the worst date you ever heard of?

Patti Stanger: That someone left someone at the restaurant. This girl was gorgeous. The guy saw his ex-girlfriend walk in and told the maitre d’ he could not go through with it.

Zap2it: What are the most common mistakes men make on dates?

Patti Stanger
: Talking about their exes and bragging about their achievements and accomplishments, and women tend to fall asleep.

Zap2it: And what are the biggest mistakes women make on dates?

Patti Stanger: Women have a tendency to run the mouth, if they are talkers, or they go radically quiet, and the man can’t read them. Having half a glass of wine doesn’t amp you like hard alcohol does. Sake has different components. Hard alcohol makes you dance on the table and take your bra off.

Zap2it: You talk about how the man should pay. Why?

Patti Stanger: Because if the woman pays, the man becomes your son, and before long you are doing the cooking and laundry, and he has become your couch potato teenage son who won’t get a job. They are not going to remember Valentine’s Day and get a ring. When a man exchanges his credit card to take you to dinner, he becomes the male.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler