The Doctor has a new companion, and her name is Pearl Mackie. In a special live announcement during the FA Cup soccer semi-final on BBC One Saturday (April 23), the theater actress has been confirmed to play a character named “Bill.”

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“I’m incredibly excited to be joining the ‘Doctor Who’ family,” the actress tells the BBC. “It’s such an extraordinary British institution, I couldn’t be prouder to call the TARDIS my home! Peter Capaldi is such a brilliant actor, and his Doctor is such a wacky and wonderful character, I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for him and Bill throughout time and space.”

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In an adrenaline-fueled introduction video, Capaldi and Mackie can be seen running away from Daleks. Explaining what they are, the wide-eyed “Bill” takes in the Doctor’s information and has some questions of her own. Judging by the clip — an excerpt from a future episode — the two actors already have an impressive chemistry.

“A new face in the TARDIS, a new voyage about to begin: Welcome aboard the amazing Pearl Mackie!” says showrunner Steve Moffat. “This is where the story really starts.”

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So, who is Pearl Mackie? A relative newcomer to the industry, she appeared alongside Ben Whishaw in a music video for the band Years and Years in 2014.

Mackie also appeared on a British daytime soap entitled “Doctors,” so she is now dropping the “s” and adding a “Who.”

“It’s so exciting to be revealing the much-anticipated new companion to the nation in such spectacular style,” says Charlotte Moore, BBC’s Acting Director of Television. “Pearl brings a wonderful energy and lights up the screen. She will captivate Doctor Who fans old and new across the globe.”

The actress is currently starring in a stage production of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” for National Theatre, and has been known to serve as an acting tutor for children. Something tells us a whole lot of children are about to sign up for Pearl Mackie’s tutelage.

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