Up until this point, we haven’t gotten much insight into Father Doug’s (Oscar Nunez) life on “People of Earth.” But in Monday’s (Nov. 28) episode, titled “Significant Other,” the man decides to put his holy man profession on the back burner for some quality alone time, and unexpectedly bonds with Ozzie (Wyatt Cenac) along the way.

The two have an epic guys night out — well, epic for the town of Beacon anyway — while the rest of the StarCrossed members follow Gina’s (Ana Gasteyer) cue to finally reveal their alien abductions to their loved ones. And, while it may have looked like a good idea on paper, things don’t go over very well in the church when the group decides to face their significant others.

Among those in attendance — as Ozzie played hooky with Father Doug — it was Chelsea who ended up getting dealt the biggest blow. While she’s clearly one of the many who has been abducted by aliens, her real motivation to attend the night’s event was to have more face time with Father Doug. And as he proved to be a no-show during an important moment in her life, her hardly-in-the-picture husband decided to show up instead.

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people of earth 1v2 People of Earth finally comes out of the closet

Catching Chelsea (Tracee Chimo) in the ongoing lie she’s been feeding him, the confrontation quickly escalated, resulting in John (Michael Crane) denouncing the room as a bunch of crazies. If the couple ever wanted to meet on common ground, this most definitely was not the way.

But one thing we did learn is that Father Doug — amid the priestly world of confessions and church duties — also has feelings for Chelsea. Pining after his old life, where he played keyboard for the Latin Jazz Funk outfit “Operation Mongoose,” Doug tries to talk some sense into Ozzie, who was dead-set on coming out as an abductee to his mother.

As he put it: They both have been touched by a higher power, which has changed them permanently. And as soon as Ozzie relays this information to people around him, they too will mark him as different, and he’ll never be treated the same again.

While the StarCrossed group may have found issues in bonding with their families, the failed meeting helped to bring them even closer together. With Ozzie getting closer to answers about his past — he may have just gotten a big one regarding Jonathan (Michael Cassidy) — the clock is close to running out on the big alien reveal.

“People of Earth” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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