Halfway into its first season — will there be a second? — “People of Earth” has yet to answer the burning question: What are these aliens up to? However, in Monday’s (Nov. 21) episode, aptly titled “Unexplained,” we find that a meaningful connection is all any of these characters are searching for.

Chelsea’s (Tracee Chimo) need to connect is one of an intimate nature. Looking to Father Doug (Oscar Nunez) as a man who may understand her needs — and her hard to believe abduction experience — she finds some common ground in his Bible study class. The Virgin Mary she is not, but if her husband doesn’t give her the attention she seeks at home, something tells us she will continue pursuing Doug as an outlet for those frustrations.

Ozzie (Wyatt Cenac), on the other hand, has continued struggling with the role he’s playing in Beacon. How is he supposed to fit in with the StarCrossed gang if he continues being a non-believer? One sure way: Reveal the chip embedded in his brain. It turns out the aliens have implanted their own technology in their abductees as a way to stay connected.

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A quick trip to the doctor confirmed that Ozzie wasn’t going crazy. Revealing a mass in his brain, he quickly goes in for surgery which reveals an odd piece of metal lurking in his skull. With the aliens’ mission to reboot his brain — erasing all of his memories — foiled, Jonathan (Michael Cassidy) is called back in once more to save their ongoing invasion.

But what is the purpose of this invasion, anyway? Human connection… Maybe?

At the beginning of the episode, we see Don the White (Bjorn Gustafsson) conducting studies of various humans. By the looks of things, his own curiosity about human nature has led him down a road of infatuation with the race he’s been abducting for years. And as he runs into Kelly (Alice Wetterlund) — the one he previously visited under a guise of dreamlike (and romantic) mystery — he discovers first-hand just how difficult it is for human to connect with another. Welcome to Earth, pal.

“People of Earth” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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