people of earth 1v2 Is Ozzie the missing piece to People of Earths alien conspiracy?

Three episodes into “People of Earth,” one thing is for certain: The alien invaders have an agenda. We just don’t know what that really… is.

In Monday’s (Nov. 7) episode, “Acceptance,” we’re given a better understand of the relationships — and conflicts — as they exist in the “StarCrossed” alien abductee support group. And as Gina (Ana Gasteyer) deals with the aftermath of the accident she was involved in, the reptilians and the grays mourn over the loss of one of their own.

Gina has yet to figure out the severity of the situation, as it seems she may be the focus of some very passionate alien vengeance in the near future. And while the crew of UFOs continues to work out their strategy — which will likely involve the town’s police, as they are in on the conspiracy — the main plot that drives the episode forward is Richard’s (Brian Huskey) looming divorce.

people of earth reptilian gray  1478566864 40 133 231 101 Is Ozzie the missing piece to People of Earths alien conspiracy?

It’s hard to tell who’s crazy and who is working with a full deck in this StarCrossed support group, but one thing is for certain: The members of StarCrossed are all seeking acceptance in one way or another. It explains the title of the episode as well as the actions each person has taken so far. Unfortunately for Richard, it may seem that he’s on the nuttier side of the sanity spectrum.

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Enlisting Ozzie’s (Wyatt Cenac) legal assistance — he’s not a lawyer, you guys — it turns out the divorce papers Richard received are exactly that. But unfortunately for his soon-to-be ex, he does not go quietly into the night. And it’s in that moment Ozzie learns a new possibility about the couple’s situation: They were both abducted together… Maybe.

people of earth wyatt cenac ozzie Is Ozzie the missing piece to People of Earths alien conspiracy?

Speaking to Richard’s ex opens up a doorway to Ozzie’s own enlightenment, as he’s been suffering from visions of his own. Not only was it revealed that Jonathan (Michael Cassidy) — drivable desk and all — wasn’t just his former boss, but he’s also a secret reptilian with an agenda of his own. While Ozzie may not be clear on that info as yet, the reporter has continually been plagued by visions of talking deer and, most recently, memories of his childhood in Beacon. Wait, has he been to Beacon before? Unfortunately, a frantic call to his mother for confirmation does not reap any useful rewards.

Obviously, there is something bigger at play in the town of Beacon. With the police in on the alien cover-up, it seems the only voice (or voices) of reason are a bunch of support group crackpots. But with Ozzie’s recent addition to the group, it’s possible he’s the one that holds the answers they all seek. Now, if only he can put together his own memory fragments to help the group get from Point A to Point B. It’s possible, though, that once he finds them, he may not like the answers that he seeks.

“People of Earth” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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