Zap2it: You’re playing an FBI agent on “Perception,” and that takes some particular skills. How is your handcuffing technique?
Rachael Leigh Cook: Apparently, it’s a nontechnique, meaning they said I’m terrible at it. It’s coming along. You’d be amazed at how few people are willing to let me cuff them. It’s fine. They’re like, “Just take them home and practice.”
Zap2it: Whom are you practicing on?
Rachael Leigh Cook: My husband’s (“The Vampire Diaries” Daniel Gillies) out of town. What am I supposed to do, just walk up to people and say, “How you doing? Can I handcuff you?” That’s my handcuff story. My suspects are jamming their wrists together, and I’m trying to pry their wrists apart. I’m like, “What’s happening now?” They’re like, “I’m sure the stunt guys can show you how to do it.”
Zap2it: What is the back story of your character, Kate Moretti?
Rachael Leigh Cook: I think it was established that she comes from a law enforcement background. If I had to write up a little back story, I’d say that she has brothers that she’s had to prove herself against. I’m a small girl in a big world, and I often feel like I might be taken advantage of. My character’s sort of on a mission to not only do away with people who are bad for society but out to prove something to herself. She is tough.
I don’t think our producer’s trying to make a point — he’s just trying to amuse himself — but our suspects are getting bigger and bigger. I’m like, “Come on, it’s not funny.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare