arielle kebbel perfect score 325 cw 'Perfect Score': Arielle Kebbel watches best friends duke it out for a date

Arielle Kebbel is content to be the host, and not a contestant, on a new dating show.
Which isn’t to say she isn’t having fun with it. Premiering tonight (July 16), the CW series “Perfect Score” has two friends take compatibility tests to determine their ideal matches. Each of their potential choices also takes the test, with each assigned a dollar amount … and $50,000 is a potential prize, as well as a presumably idyllic date.
“To me, it’s a throwback to ‘Singled Out,’ ” Kebbel tells Zap2it. “That was one of my favorite shows growing up. There’s real money on the line here, and there are three different processes of elimination. Each round becomes crazier and crazier, and the contestants are having a blast. And I’m having a blast because they’re having a blast. I left every day of work on this with a smile on my face.
“Don’t forget, these are two best friends competing against each other,” Kebbel notes, “and some of these friends live together. I have this ongoing joke: ‘I hope you guys are still friends after the show!’ They get into the competition and get very serious about winning this money, but the fun part is that they get to win a date.”
In Kebbel’s view, the big difference of “Perfect Score” is the compatibility test. “These contestants have a chance to come face to face with someone they know for a fact is their most compatible person, and a lot of people don’t ever get that opportunity. Usually when you go on a date, you have no idea.”
Kebbel is no stranger to CW viewers, being a recurring guest star as Lexi on “The Vampire Diaries” and also having appeared on “90210,” “Life Unexpected” and “Gilmore Girls.” Additionally, she has presented the “Vampire Diaries Rehash” episode recaps on the network’s website.
“I’m incredibly grateful,” she says of The CW (and its WB Network forerunner). “My first job in L.A. was ‘Gilmore Girls,’ so from Day One, The CW had my back. Our relationship has continued to grow through the years, and they’ve never done a dating show before, so this is a new endeavor for them. And I am so thrilled I get to be a part of this new platform.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin