sarah shahi person of interest season 4 cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 4 is about to change in a big way

As the synopsis Tuesday (Nov. 11) night’s episode of “Person of Interest” teases, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) is going to be the first main character on the series who seriously risks being detected by Samaritan. According to Shahi, the ending of this episode will be a turning point that thrusts “Person of Interest” in a whole new direction.
“Without trying to give away things that happen in future episodes, the s*** is going to hit the fan as it always does. It is going to get messy and it is going to get dirty. There’s some roller coasters that are coming up ahead,” she tells Zap2it. “Samaritan keeps getting stronger, keeps getting more power, keeps having more operatives out there. We’ve alluded to this last year, the dueling gods. Things are going to escalate.”
Despite a game-changer Seaosn 3 finale, Shahi acknowledges this season has started fairly formulaic, with Finch (Michael Emerson), Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Shaw still finding ways to help irrelevant numbers while they’re undercover. 
“[‘Honor Among Thieves’ is] going to lead to some much bigger issues that are going to change the show in a big way, I think,” Shahi says. “The journey is going to happen quickly. It’s not going to be drawn out. In reference to what I know … there’s not going to be too many cliffhangers. It’s going to come at you pretty fast.”

Shaw has always been the character who had the hardest trouble adapting to Season 4’s new Samaritan-ruled lifestyle. Even though Finch and Reese tried to groom her to be on their same moral compass, her “appetite for violence” led her to return to criminal paths and tempt Samaritan’s gaze. 
“Of all the characters, she doesn’t like to have idle time on her hands. If her life isn’t being challenged, then she’s being bored out of her mind,” Shahi acknowledges. “At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can do with a psychopath.”
“Honor Among Thieves” also underscores writers Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan being able to deliver episodes that are incredibly timely. The episode — which was filmed about a month ago — deals with topics including providing tablets to school children and spreading an Ebola-like disease.
“The writers just have this uncanny ability to tap into whatever’s happening before it kind of happens, or right at the brink of it happening. Then they write it, and it all kind of comes to fruition,” Shahi says. “It’s a little eerie. I’d like to know what machines Jonah and Greg have out there.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz