Person of Interest Season 4 Shaw

Even Sarah Shahi doesn’t know the details about her much-anticipated return to “Person of Interest” in Season 5.

Speaking with Zap2it at CBS’s 2015 summer TV press tour party, she confirmed she’ll be in the “majority of the season,” and starts filming in September. From there, Shaw will “be there through the end.”

“I always felt like we weren’t done with Shaw. It would have been incorrect on so many levels to end the way we ended. She had a lot of story still left in her,” Shahi says. “I’m just glad that [showrunners Greg Plageman and Jonathan Nolan] agreed with that. I still don’t know what they have planned, but hopefully I can pick their ears soon enough and figure out what’s going on.”

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Fortunately Plageman was on deck to offer a few teases of what’s ahead for Shaw.

“Sarah is coming back in a big, monstrous way as early as episode 3,” he explains. “We don’t have an air date, so we can actually move these things around. I actually think you’ll see her earlier than you thought, and once you see Shaw, she isn’t going back.”

Shahi originally left the show so she could take time off to raise her newborn twins. Now that they’re five-months-old, she’s “aching to get back to work, because work is infinitely easier than being at home with twins.”

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The series stunned fans when Samaritan captured Shaw partway through Season 4, and “Person of Interest’s” is she-or-isn’t she game of whether the character had died kept viewers hooked through the finale. In a surprise appearance by Shahi, the “Person of Interest” Season 4 finale revealed Shaw is in fact still alive, but that doesn’t mean the experience won’t have changed her.

“To have her be away for that long and to be captured by Samaritan — again, this is me talking out of my a** — I feel like there has to have been some kind of change in her,” Shahi says. “She cannot be the same Shaw. I don’t know what that translates to. I’m really excited to find out.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz