Somebody just figured out the ultimate wedding gift to give a pair of “Doctor Who” fans — a personalized message from the Doctor himself.

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While celebrating their nuptials, two superfans named Brian and Lesley were shown a video of “Doctor Who” star Peter Capaldi — in full character and costume — wishing the happy couple his best wishes. What’s more, the Doctor says he’s seen the future and knows their marriage will work out splendidly. Of course, he’s also in constant contact with their pet cat Bethany, which is a bit odd.

The newlyweds couldn’t have been anymore excited by their surprise wedding video, with Lesley shouting “What?!” before rising from her seat to worship at the “Doctor Who” alter. And for those interested, Bethany the cat does make a surprise cameo at the end of the video as the couple thanks Capaldi — ahem, the Doctor — for his kind words.

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It’s just another instance in a long line of moments that show the actor may actually be the nicest human walking the earth. Whether it’s giving advice to a young fan about how they can grow up to be the Doctor or sending his own fan art to a “Doctor Who” comic book artist, Capaldi is one in a billion and Whovians should be thankful to have him as their favorite Time Lord.

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