One of the best new dramas of the fall was FOX’s female-driven “Pitch,” which centered on the first female pitcher in the MLB and the stress that comes with that kind of game-changing career. Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) stole our hearts from the second she took the mound, and we were beyond bummed when we found out the show’s first season would be limited to 9 episodes.

Now, “Pitch’s” first season has concluded, leaving fans in a terrible lurch after its finale cliffhanger. Instead of pitching a no-hitter, Ginny pushed herself too hard and seriously injured herself on the field.

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Meanwhile, Amelia (Ali Larter) left Ginny after their their blowout fight, Mike (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Ginny’s relationship was still plagued with awkwardness after their near kiss, and the Screwgies bar and grill debacle put a terrible rift between Will (B.J. Britt) and his sister.

You can’t just leave us hanging there!

Ratings for “Pitch” weren’t great — a 1.4 in adults 18-49 and about 4.7 million viewers in the Live +7 ratings. But they were also hardly the worst among FOX’s fall dramas (hello, “Rosewood” and “The Exorcist”), and fairly consistent week-to-week. All of which makes “Pitch” pretty much the definition of a bubble show right now.

There’s no denying that “Pitch” favored feminism over drama, choosing to focus its first season on complex and timely social issues instead of love triangles, betrayals and last-minute twists. Rather than spoon-feeding the audience redundant plot lines they’d seen a thousand times before, “Pitch” delved into the pressures of breaking the glass ceiling, the complicated trade system which governs the MLB, and the team dynamics that come with being a professional athlete. It did all of this, mind you, while passing the Bechdel Test each and every week.

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Ratings may have been less than impressive, but “Pitch” inspires intense loyalty, accounting for its steady and passionate following. At the first sign of uncertainty regarding “Pitch’s” renewal, fans launched a campaign to get the show a second season by playing off a trend the show used in one of its episodes: #PutHerInTheGame.

Fans are hoping to keep Ginny in the game next season.

Only time will tell if “Pitch” will return for a Season 2, but we’d welcome another swing at this awesome series (pun totally intended). Keep her in the game, FOX!

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