On Thursday's (Feb. 11) episode of "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert welcomed Playboy's first non-nude model to the show. Pointing out the difference in tone with the new issue, hitting stands on Friday, Sarah McDaniel tells the host about her experience as an Instagram star.

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While she may not be naked in the magazine, the model spends the majority of the interview, constantly pulling up her top. There are no straps on this dress and before leaning in to take "the perfect selfie," Colbert offers her duct tape and then places a napkin over her chest.

Schooling the host on finding his perfect angle, the two join together to show the Internet their best side. Colbert throws up a deuce, with a matching duck-face, to fully nail the image. It almost makes you miss Myspace. Almost.

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I teach @stephencolbert how to take a selfie tonight!

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