jessica st clair playing house usa 'Playing House's' Jessica St. Clair, Lennon Parham do their best writing in pajamas

Zap2it: Given that both you and co-creator and best friend Lennon Parham are new moms, were you pregnant when working on this show about a new mom?
Jessica St.Clair: Neither of us was pregnant at the time. It was on our minds. Then when we decide to write the pilot and Lennon actually got pregnant at the exact right time. We finished the script and I got pregnant right after Lennon. So if my best friend is doing it, I have to do it. 
Zap2it: How did you two meet?
Jessica St.Clair: We met about 12 years ago in New York City learning to be comedians at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. When we were there, the theater had just opened and there were very few women and we would see each other across a crowded room. And when I saw Lennon, she was wearing a little sweater set, and (I thought) ‘There is a nice girl who should not have found her way into this basement lair.’ I stalked her and we solidified our friendship. When she was in L.A. and on our friendship date, we were talking about writing together. I didn’t think I would ever find another woman to write a story about friendship in a funny way.
Zap2it: How do you two write together?
Jessica St.Clair: We improvise to write and we get in our pajamas in Lennon’s living room and we tape record ourselves playing all of the scenes, and we transcribe that and it becomes the first draft of the script.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler