The world has gone crazy for “Pokemon GO.” Thousands upon thousands of people are taking to the streets with their mobile phones in an effort to catch their own personal Arbok or take control of a local gym. What will happen when the viral gaming phenomenon infects other forms of media, though?

Forgehouse Films was quick on their feet in finding out, imagining what “The Walking Dead” would be like if “Pokemon GO” somehow came to town. While fans of the zombie series know that there really is no cell phone service anymore, this short in the TellTale Games continuity shows just how useless Clementine (Sasha Rodriguez) would be if she found a Charizard nearby.

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Poor Lee (Rocky Romero) doesn’t have a chance in the world at surviving a kid obsessed with catching Pokemon. If there’s one thing the short shows “Pokemon GO” can do however, it’s bridging the gap between the living and walkers. One may be plagued with the need to eat the other, but they can all appreciate it when someone drops a lure and little Pokemon keep popping up.

At least until the server goes down again and suddenly it’s lunch time.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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