A new door in the DC Universe is opening -- and what's on the other side is nothing lie what you're used to seeing on "The Flash," "Arrow," "Supergirl" or even "Legends of Tomorrow." This time around, the adventures are bit more mundane and the heroes in this story don't have any fancy powers.

"Powerless" is set in Charm City -- a lesser-known town somewhere in the universe the writers liken to Scranton, PA -- and the offices of Wayne Security -- a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, of course. While its employees may not exactly be superheroes themselves, that doesn't mean "Powerless" is void of them.

As a matter of fact, this is a show set in a world jam-packed with heroes and villains, and it treats them in a rather interesting way.

"We thought that superheros as analogs for professional athletes seemed like a good one," showrunner Patrick Schumacker explains. "We've looked at it several different ways. There's kind of a philosophical conversation we've had where, 'Do we want to keep superheroes as sort of gods in the sky, better than us and don't interact with us that much?'"

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Instead of being the selfless heroes you might be used to reading about in comics or watching on The CW, what you get is a world where Batman is essentially LeBron James and perhaps Superman is Tom Brady. Not that you'll see either of them on "Powerless."

"The big seven, you're Justice League members, they're never going to make appearances on this show other than hints of it," Schumacker says. After all, Charm City isn't exactly a major metropolitan area in the DC Universe. It wouldn't make sense for them to get A-list heroes and villains, would it?

"I think that’s what’s really funny about our show, is that in Charm City, it’s kind of like the B-list superheroes and supervillains," star Vanessa Hudgens says.

Without the biggest names in comics on the table, instead Charm City gets the heroes you might not remember from the covers of comic books you used to read, like the Crimson Fox.

"They're self-aware that they're the B-team, if you will. They're never going to be members of the Justice League first team. They're a little pissy," Schumacker says. "Crimson Fox is a little pissy that she got the invite to Justice League Europe and not Justice League proper."

While she may not be considered a varsity player, it doesn't mean she's not revered. After all, people don't just love the highest paid athletes in the NFL. They love their hometown teams, or in this case heroes...

At least until the heroes get traded.

"Powerless" airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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