It seems Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) is actually turning the Wayne Security team around, and making them a success. Still, while she may be rubbing off on them, there are still a few things she has to learn in return.

In this exclusive clip, Van (Alan Tudyk) brags about sleeping in a hotel made of ice — because of course he did — while letting the team know that the higher-ups at Wayne Industries have taken notice of the good work they’re doing. They’ve also given the team the green light to develop their next innovation to protect civilians from the ridiculously dangerous world of superheroes: The “Rumbrella.”

Why yes, that would be an umbrella that shields the user from falling rubble. It should come in handy when the Crimson Fox punches a villain so hard they fly through a building, knocking it down.

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Unfortunately, Emily and her crew have very different ideas of how long it’ll take to develop said technology.

“We will have it done by the end of the week,” she tells Van. “Corporate’s gonna be like, ‘What!? Who’s this squad of badasses? Let’s give them more projects!'”

Ever the overachiever, Emily. We personally side with Teddy (Danny Pudi), who counters, “Or we could pick a reasonable time frame, and corporate’s going to be like ‘What!? Who’s this squad of sensible individuals who know how to achieve a work-life balance?”

Of course, given how little Van actually cares about his own employees, you can probably guess who he sides with in this particular debate. Anything to make Wayne Security — and by extension him — look as good as possible. The poor guy still thinks he’s on his way to being promoted to Gotham City.

“Powerless” airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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