As painful as it’s been to be living “Empire”-less lives, the second season of FOX’s hit show will soon be upon us. As such, the network just released a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sophomore season, which premieres Sept. 23.

In the one minute preview, appropriately titled, “It’s Not Business,” there are hints of much more Lyon family drama on the horizon: Lucious is confessing his endless love for Cookie from prison, Jamal and Hakeem are taking the term “sibling rivalry” to new heights and, in our first look at new cast member Marisa Tomei in action, the future of Empire Records is in jeopardy.

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A few choice dramatic quotes include: “I never stopped loving you. I tried,” “My first order of business is removing Lucious Lyon,” “I’m gonna bury your album,” ” I’m gonna be bigger than you’ll ever be,” “We can be a family again,” and “Game over.”

Co-creator Lee Daniels promises Season 2 will stay true to what fans loved about its first season.

“All we wanna do is continue to do ‘Empire,’ which is to tell the truth, which is to tell the story of this family, this black family, that is relatable to all Americans, of all color, through music, in the most honest way that we can,” he said during the show’s panel at the summer 2015 TV press tour. “You can only be you and that’s all you can do, is be yourselves.”

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Daniels calls the shift from 12 to 18 episodes in Season 2 “terrifying,” explaining to Zap2it, “I was really concerned about the actors. It’s really hard to turn out that type of work, they’re not horses, you know? I was really concerned about the actors and the writers. But I think FOX has really put a schedule together that has made me less terrified.”

“It was terrifying at first, but FOX gave us this really great schedule and plan for actually unveiling the show,” executive producer Ilene Chaiken adds. “Two pods, 10 episodes and 8, with a hiatus in between. Nothing is different, we’re able to devote as much time to each epsiode as we did in the first season. … The show will be every bit as good and we’re not feeling too much of ‘running out of story.’ We have the same energy as the first season.”

Posted by:Kara Warner