annie potts gcb gi 'Pretty in Pink's' Annie Potts: 'Who cares if Duckie was gay or not?'Zap2it: You play a music teacher in the new Hallmark Channel movie “The Music Teacher”; how important were your music teachers?

Annie Potts: I had music teachers and I had drama teachers who all changed my life, and of course I was so happy to play an amalgam of them in that sweet film.

Zap2it: Have you taught drama?

Annie Potts: I occasionally do, usually at my alma mater or my children’s schools.

Zap2it: Are your children involved in performing?

Annie Potts: One of them is involved. He is getting a theater degree at Muhlenberg.

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Zap2it: Let’s talk about two projects from the past, one recent, one more distant. What was your reaction to “GCB” being canceled?

Annie Potts: I was totally flabbergasted! I just didn’t dream it would be canceled. It seemed we were doing well, but these networks are big corporations.

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Zap2it: And “Pretty in Pink” recently had some Twitter attention because people were talking about Duckie Dale being gay. What’s your take’?

Annie Potts:
I think that’s a question for Jon [Cryer]. The last time I saw him Jon is super-straight. I don’t think it was in his mind. I think Twitter is just insane. I got an account. I get Twitters, “Ooh I just changed toothpaste!” It is way oversharing. Get a life! Who cares if Duckie was gay or not? Now that it is a little more easy to be who you are, no matter what you are, maybe it’s helpful for kids to think Duckie was gay. It’s a theatrical venture; people are supposed to take their own ideas away from it.

“The Music Teachers” premieres Saturday, Aug. 11 on Hallmark Channel.

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