"A" has been revealed on "Pretty Little Liars," less than 10 minutes into the Season 6 finale. Read on to find out what's happening, but be warned of spoilers.

After the confrontation at prom, "A" takes Alison to a cell/bedroom that looks like a room in Radley Sanitarium. As the Liars watch Alison imprisoned from "A's" nerve center in the Carissimi Group, "A" turns around to reveal ... that Cece Drake is "A."

It's then revealed via flashback that little "Charlie" wanted to be a girl and that's why Kenneth DiLaurentis hated Charles. The bathtub incident with Alison was all it took for their dad to put Charles in Radley. Once there, Bethany Young killed Toby's mom and threatened to blame it on Charles if he told. He was so scared of Bethany outing his secret -- his beautiful dress from his mom -- that he kept quiet.

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Eventually, Jessica let Charles become "Charlotte" and helps fake Charles' death so her daughter could be out in the world. But when Bethany found out about Jessica's affair with her father, she took Charlotte's clothes, sneaked out of Radley and went after Jessica. Charlotte hit Alison with the rock thinking it was Bethany and that's when Jessica buried Alison alive, thinking one of her daughters had killed the other.

Meanwhile, Mona is the one who killed Bethany Young, thinking Bethany was Alison. And when Charlotte went back to Radley, she took over the "A" game from Mona -- and recruited Sara Harvey as Red Coat and Black Widow. There's a lot going on here.

After the big reveal, the girls all head off to college, with Sara just getting out of the hospital and Charlotte presumably in jail. It's actually not made clear.

But five years later, Alison teaches at Rosewood High School and some mysterious man is coming for her. It's what brings the Liars back to Rosewood.

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