With only 10 episodes left — and six months before they premiere — Screener wants to take a look back through the twisty mysteries and tangled lives of everyone’s favorite “Pretty Little Liars.” So join us daily as we revisit Rosewood of old. The entire show is streaming on Netflix if you’d like to watch the episodes for yourselves.

Up next, Season 1, episode 2: “The Jenna Thing,” aired June 15, 2010.

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What we thought then …

Alison (Sasha Pieterse) died of suffocation but also suffered blunt force head trauma. She was also seeing an older boy that summer who had a girlfriend, and finally, Ali came to see Jenna (Tammin Sursok) in the hospital after they blinded Jenna with a stink bomb in Toby’s (Keegan Allen) garage when Ali claimed she caught Toby spying on them.

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Also, over on her own show, Aria (Lucy Hale) wants to transfer out of Ezra’s (Ian Harding) class and is denied.

What we know now …

The body that died of suffocation was Bethany Young. The older boy Ali was seeing turns out to be Ian (Ryan Merriman), buuuut — that also kind of applies to Ezra.

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We don’t know for sure that Toby wasn’t spying on the girls, but he says later he didn’t do it and it seems more likely Alison made it up in order to torment Toby because of the relationship between him and his stepsister, Jenna.

Hindsight hilarity …

Maya (Bianca Lawson) says to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell), “I think Brad PItt and I are missing the same sensitivity chip.” This was kind of hilarious in 2010 because it refers to Jennifer Aniston’s 2006 Vanity Fair interview where she says ex-husband Pitt has “a sensitivity chip that’s missing.”

But in light of Pitt’s current divorce from Angelina Jolie, it’s extra special now.

Creepiest dude award goes to …

byron montgomery mona mania TV Rewind: PLLs Jenna Thing, dead girls walking & Byron is the worst

Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe). In order to keep his infidelity a secret, he acts like Aria’s just being a teenage girl.

“She’s a teenage girl, Ella. Aren’t they all moody and unpredictable?” he says to his wife, Ella (Holly Marie Combs). He later says to Aria, “You’re not very good at hiding your feelings and your mother knows that something is up.”

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Shut it, Byron. You’re the worst.

A tie for runner-up goes to Wren (Julian Morris) and Ezra. Wren makes out with Spencer in her bedroom, and Ezra acts like Aria is being rash by transferring out of his class, when in fact HE should have been the one to initiate and then insist on a transfer.

Best ‘A’ message (tie) …

ezgif com add text TV Rewind: PLLs Jenna Thing, dead girls walking & Byron is the worst


pretty little liars jenna thing TV Rewind: PLLs Jenna Thing, dead girls walking & Byron is the worst

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