"Pretty Little Liars" returns Tuesday (June 21) with the Season 7 premiere, titled "Tick-Tock, Bitches." It's a show known for its long-running mysteries, but show creator Marlene King tells Zap2it that fans can look forward to the resolution of some hanging plotlines early on in the season.

Zap2it: Is Hanna's kidnapping resolved fairly quickly or does that become a major plot in the season?

Marlene King: It's resolved ... not immediately but within the first two episodes.

How does Hanna react to it, considering what the girls went through in the Dollhouse?

They're all emotional wrecks. We came up with a phrase this year that has kind of stuck and it's when somebody goes to the dark place, they have that "Dollhouse Look" -- we see that a lot this season.

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The big mystery of Season 7 -- is it still who killed Charlotte or is it more to do with Rollins and Mary Drake? Or is it something else entirely?

It's all of those things. There's some A.D. resolution fairly early about whether or not the girls can help A.D. who killed Charlotte and the game then shifts.

Does that have to do with the Liars making 'the biggest mistake of their lives'?

I would say yes, it's a game-changer.

Is Charlotte's biological father going to come into play in Season 7?

Not this season. We talked about that and it's possible we will visit that when we come back in 7b, but in 7a, that's not part of the story.

I wasn't sure how important his identity might be to the mystery.

It's a good question to ask and ultimately it may be [important], but as of right now it's not.

Is Sara Harvey still an adversary to the Liars, or could she become an ally?

We love Dre Davis. She's a doll. She's having a lot of fun this season. She meets an unlikely new friend, I'll say, and the two of them together are just delicious to watch.

Ooh, I hope it's Jenna.

Ooh, you might be right. [laughs] They certainly have a lot in common when it comes to the Liars.

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You've said this season has the biggest body count so far. Is it deaths happening throughout the season or is the summer finale just a total blood bath?

[laughs] It's not one big blood bath, it's along the way. The stakes are higher than they've ever been and that results in a body count that's higher than we've ever had. I think Ian Harding said it best when he said it's the most romantic and deadly season of them all.

You've called this the 'homecoming' season -- is there anyone you would love to have pop in that you just couldn't make happen?

Not yet. So far -- we're having a hard time getting Torrey DeVitto in, but we'll make it work. So far everybody we're trying to get back really wants to come back, people are being very helpful scheduling-wise, bringing all these beloved characters back.

Will we see some more Charlotte flashbacks?

We will see Charlotte flashbacks and some of the characters who are returning to us this year who we haven't seen in a while are returning to us in flashbacks as well. So we get a sense of where they are now and what relationships they may have had with the Liars or other characters on our show over that five-year time jump.

With so many plotlines happening, do you have room to touch on what's going on with the Liars' families, parents and siblings?

The season is definitely more about the Liars and their romantic relationships, but I think we'll see more of the parents when we come back next winter. Ali's brother Jason comes back this summer, so we have a great relationship to play with there, so yeah, we'll see some family story.

When are we going to know if PLL is ending this season? Because fans are dying to know.

I think we'll know by the end of the summer.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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