As per usual, the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale was full of twists, turns, answers and more questions. Executive producer Marlene King dissected the episode for Zap2it with a look toward Season 7, but be warned — spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Hush … Hush Sweet Liars” yet.

From Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) to the Carissimi Group, here are eight things fans can expect from Season 7

Time jump

Not this time. King says Season 7 picks up “just a few moments later, it’s that same night.”

But Alison’s flash-forward is coming

Remember the flash-forward when Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is in her classroom and some unknown man is coming for her? That will probably be revealed sooner rather than later.

“I’m 99 percent sure that is in the first 10 episodes, so you will find that out this summer,” says King.

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Answers about Mary Drake

King says that whether Mary (Andrea Parker) killed her twin sister Jessica is “a mystery still to be revealed,” but “the answer to that question will come in Season 7.”

Uber-A’s identity

Following the Season 6 finale, King said in a Facebook video that “A.D,” the person who signed the text to the Liars after kidnapping Hanna, is “uber-A.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not Mary or Elliot (Huw Collins).

“Mary and Elliot are definitely our No. 1 suspects moving forward because we’ve seen that they have a very ulterior motive, to say the least. So I wouldn’t cross them off the list just yet.”

huw collins sasha pieterse pretty little liars Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Marlene Kings 8 things to expect

Charlotte’s story is far from over

Zap2it theorized that Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) calling herself “Cece Drake” indicates that she was close with her biological mom. King is playing coy, but does say they hope to have Ray return as Charlotte for flashbacks.

“I said at the end of Season 5 that the Charlotte story wasn’t over, that we still had some mythology to come and now we’re going to answer a lot of that with Dr. Rollins and Mary,” says King, adding, “We will find out the whole story of when [Elliot and Charlotte] met and how and who and where and what.”

“We have plans to bring Vanessa back, and I hope it works out,” she continues. “It’s always a little tenuous because she’s on another show. But there is Charlotte mythology we want to reveal in flashbacks.”

Returning faces is a theme of Season 7

“We’re calling Season 7 the homecoming season,” says King. “We hope as we are getting to the beginning of the end of this story that we get to see everybody come through and visit us in Rosewood in Season 7.”

While King will neither confirm nor deny that Elliot being British means he’s connected to Wren (Julian Morris), she does say, “There definitely seems to be a London connection of sorts coming up in the show.”

She also says “the intention” of Season 7 is to see all the supporting characters viewers know and love — Paige (Lindsey Shaw), Jenna (Tammin Sursok), Lucas (Brendan Robinson) and more.

vanessa ray sasha pieterse pretty little liars Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Marlene Kings 8 things to expect

The Carissimi Group is important

“It’s definitely a part of Season 7,” says King. “It was mentioned kind of quickly in last night’s episode that before Elliot supposedly left to go to his conference, he and Ali were talking about Charlotte and the work that Ali and Jason have done with the Carissimi Group. They’ve turned Charlotte’s ‘A’ fund into a non-profit, and I think we can garner from the last scene with Mary and Elliot that they intend to take back what was theirs, take back that money and use it for very nefarious purposes.”

Get ready for epic romance

“Because we have our five-year time jump, the girls make grown-up decisions and are more adult with their emotions, so it has allowed us to really heighten our romantic stakes,” says King. “The relationships are more complicated bu the payoffs are even greater when the couples we feel should ultimately be together find each other, I’ll put it that way. It’s never smooth sailing, but as we sail toward the horizon I’ll just say there’s some epic, epic romance coming.”

tyler blackburn ashley benson pretty little liars Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Marlene Kings 8 things to expect

Season 7 has been in the works a long time

“I’ve known what Season 7 was for a lot longer than Season 6, I’ll tell you that,” says King with a laugh. “Elliot was a fresh, new idea at the end of Season 5, but the Mary idea was around for a while.”

“Pretty Little Liars” Season 7 returns summer 2016.

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