Before "Pretty Little Liars" wrapped forever, Screener was lucky enough to visit the set and chat with the stars about the upcoming final 10 episodes.

One thing we had to ask them is if you're a newbie, why should you binge-watch "PLL" before the series finale?

Several actors are in disbelief that it can even be done.

"There's no possible way. There's so many f***ing episodes," says Tyler Blackburn, laughing.

Shay Mitchell adds, "I would say do it real quick ... you need to get on it, because when the finale comes around, that's what everybody's gonna be talking about."

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But Mitchell does point out that if you watch the final 10 episodes without having seen the entire show, that could be "kind of cool, too --because then you can go back and see all the clues."

But either way, "Pretty Little Liars" is the hottest "soap opera, but with murder in it," as Janel Parrish teases, so if you want to be "equally as mind-f***ed as everybody else" who watches it, Keegan Allen says you should definitely binge it.

"It's a show that has mastered the art of visual methamphetamine -- because you need it, but you know you need to stop and you can't and you're up for hours on end, you get angry at little things. I would say hey, if you really want to go on a bender without consuming illicit substances, watch my show," says Ian Harding, summing the show up nicely.

"Pretty Little Liars" final 10 episodes premiere Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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