The world lost one of its brightest most talented stars on Thursday (June 21). Musician, singer, guitarist, songwriter, and all around legendary artist Prince, died at age 57.

The “Purple Rain” singer changed the world with his songs. His artistry not only had a huge impact on the music industry, but also on the movie and TV industry. After reminiscing on some his best hits like  “When Doves Cry,” and “Baby, You’re a Star,” we happily remembered his guest appearance on “New Girl’s” post-Super Bowl episode, “Party Time,” back in 2014.

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Zap2it received a statement from the show’s producers upon hearing the devastating news: “We are all so deeply saddened to hear about the passing of this hero of ours – and so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet him and to have him on our show. It’s something we will remember forever. Our thoughts go out to his family.  We are among the millions of people who will truly miss the brilliant Artist.”

Actress Hannah Simone, who plays Cece on the hit sitcom told Zap2it at the time of filming the episode that working with Prince was “amazing! I’ve seen Prince before, but it’s different when you’re two feet away. It’s incredible.”

The singer wanted to be on “New Girl” for one very simple reason: he was such a huge fan of the series. “His band were huge fans,” Simon said. “We all sat and talked about their favorite moments. It was great. We had a wonderful time shooting, and he was so funny. He has an incredible sense of humor.”

prince new girl 01 Prince: Not only a legendary musician, but a hero of New Girl

To see Prince give Jess (Zooey Deschanel) dating advice and then, of course, perform was indeed nothing short of amazing for “New Girl” fans. He kept his signature cool throughout the entire episode, and also had the chance to show off his comedic chops.

Prince on New Girl 'Party Time'

Rest in peace, Prince. Thank you for not only giving the world the gift of your music, but for appearing on “New Girl,” and making it the best post-Super Bowl TV special ever with your special inimitable flair of awesome.

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