Lifetime’s “Project Runway” ends its 10th season Thursday, Oct. 18, as it began it — with a huge New York event.
The season premiered with a Times Square fashion show and ends with another, at Lincoln Center during Fashion Week. Since this happened in September, when there were eight contestants, each presented 10 looks.
Zap2it picked five of the most representative, which included high-glamour and high-concept, and “Project Runway” judge and Marie Claire Fashion Director Nina Garcia weighs in on the creations.

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tvfashcko14 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: Nina Garcia weighs in
It’s easy to imagine Katharine Hepburn in Ven Budhu’s white palazzo pants, topped with a red stain bustier. His creations honor old Hollywood glamour.
“He was very consistent within his point of view,” Garcia says. “Technically, he is a very, very strong designer. His scope is a little bit limited. His signature, his aesthetic is really more evening, theater.” Garcia adds Budhu is a “perfectionist. There are some pieces of his clothes that are unforgettable.”
tvfash2cko14 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: Nina Garcia weighs in
Melissa Fleis’ black-leather bathing suit did the angular model no favors, and when one considers how a most women would look in it, the outcome is not optimistic.
“Melissa’s classic look is very urban cool girl that defined downtown street wear,” Garcia says. “She has a tendency to work with darker colors and loves to work with leathers so I was not surprised to see this perforated leather bathing suit on the runway.”
Garcia points out that Fleis is not designing for most women, but for off-duty models.
tvfash3cko14 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: Nina Garcia weighs in
Initially, it is difficult to concentrate on Elena Slivnyak’s bold outfits with panels of contrasting colors. That’s because the models with yellow or green lips suck up all the attention — and not in a good way.
“Her looks are very modern architectural,” Garcia says. “She had a set vision, her signature, from the start.”
“I thought she put on a terrific show,” Garcia says. “OK — yellow lipstick and all whatever, but it is a show. If you take all that away, the clothes were there. They were good, they were modern, her sensibility. But I think she learned something from this show and she refined and polished her aesthetic so I was very pleased.”
tvfash4cko14 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: Nina Garcia weighs in
Gunnar Deatherage married tribal designs with chic flair to create exquisite dresses.
“It’s extraordinary how he really threw this curve ball selection,” Garcia says. “This is nothing like Gunnar. [It’s] so not what we have seen from the entire season.”
“He really evolved and he had fun styling,” she adds.
tvfash5cko14 'Project Runway' Season 10 finale: Nina Garcia weighs in
Fabio Costa’s billowy tops and light clothes could make a mundane day seem ethereal.
“Out of all the designers, I think Fabio was one of the most conceptual this year,” Garcia says. “He loves the layering. He loves the draping. He loves the easiness.”
“You could buy a piece of this and wear it,” she adds. “They are conceptual clothes.
“In the beginning, I was not sure about him,” Garcia says, “that androgyny, and the way he dressed himself, and the jewelry, and the way he styles himself. So we encouraged him to have more confidence in that style.”
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