james roday psych gi 'Psych': James Roday knows you want to both hug and slap ShawnZap2it: Before “Psych: The Musical” had you ever done a musical?

James Roday: I had never done a musical. I have so much respect for the medium and the muscles it takes to pull that off. I never felt compelled to take on that challenge. Predominantly you really have to learn how to take care of your voice to do eight shows a week.
Zap2it: How has Shawn evolved over the years?
JR: He has definitely moved slowly. I think he is taking baby steps, but if you add all the baby steps up, he has managed to go from man-child to man-adolescent. As he has gotten older there are things important to him. He does not want to lose a bit of a battle, to find the balance between a kid who does not want to grow up and a man who does not want to lose the things that matter most to him. That’s why you want to hug and slap him at the same time.

Zap2it: After seven seasons, what’s the set like?
JR: A lot of things had to come together for it to find its legs the way it did. We did it all up there in Vancouver and only knew one another. It brought us closer much faster. There’s not a bad egg in the basket, and we do have affection for one another and are constantly reminding each other what a unique experience this is and how none of us had ever experienced anything quite like it.

“Psych” premieres Wednesday (Jan. 8) on USA at 9 p.m. ET/PT.