Between their latest fake news storyline and that amazing glass ceiling speech from President Haas (Susan Walters), “Quantico” Season 2 is getting seriously political.

The latest incident to grab the teams attention is an explosion at a chemical storage plant that appears to have appeared out of thin air. When Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and the gang investigate, it doesn’t take long for them to realize that the explosion never happened — it’s all one, big fake news story.

“Quantico’s” approach to fake news has less to do with poking fun at President Trump, and more to do with the actual definition of fake news: Disinformation purposefully and skillfully spread to foster anger and hatred — and thus infighting — in the American people. Hackers using shady websites and fake twitter accounts to create panic over an incident that never happened.

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In this particular case, the team found themselves digging to the bottom of one fake news story, only to find an even more insidious one beneath it, all for the political gain of one senator. Unfortunately, taking said senator (and the Speaker of the House for that matter) down will once again have to wait another day, as the team quietly adds names to their list without holding them accountable.

This new tactic might seem frustrating to the recruits, but overall it’s helping the watchability of the show. Rather than a new villain to take down every week, which would feel too procedural for “Quantico’s” overall narrative, they’re sneakily investigating a larger network of terrorism and holding onto that information to use at a later date. We can already feel the tension building for the inevitable climax of this story, when Alex or Clay (tktk) decide it’s time to start hunting down and exposing the bad guys instead of watching them from the shadows.

“Quantico” once again managed to give us a great cliffhanger though, with the possible murder of León Velez (Aaron Diaz).

If he somehow manages to survive the slit wrists two mysterious operatives gave him, we’re a little worried no one will believe that he didn’t do it himself. He’s been off the rails for a while now, and no one believed he actually had a target on his back. If he is, in fact, dead, we can only hope that Alex and Dayana (Pearl Thusi) start taking this mysterious new threat seriously.

“Quantico” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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