“Quantico” first rocketed to popularity in Season 1 largely due to its intriguing storytelling method. Flashing back and forth from training at Quantico to the awful terrorist attack in New York City — and Alex’s (Priyanka Chopra) attempts to exonerate herself — was a pretty great hook to get the show going.

However, about halfway through Season 1, viewers cottoned on to a problem with this premise: It was seriously confusing.

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Keeping the timelines straight, and more importantly keeping them relevant to the overall story, took a lot of effort on viewers’ part. From week to week, it was harder and harder to remember who was guilty, who was innocent, and who was dead or alive. It didn’t help that dead characters in the flash forward also conveniently disappeared from the past after the actor left the show. There was also a serious lack of suspense in the light-hearted training camp timeline as it paralleled with the high stakes of hunting down traitors and bombers in the future.

Season 2 has done a much better job of maintaining its multiple timelines, focusing on a small terrorist group within the CIA and the possible members training with Alex and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) at The Farm. However, “Quantico” will be ditching the flashbacks soon enough after the fourteenth episode ends.

““When we broke Season 2, we knew we were going to go to to one timeline, because it’s about the [terrorist] event, and then it’s about what happens after the event,” showrunner Joshua Safran told TV Line. “And you can’t flashback to the Farm after the crisis is over.”

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It seems the writers have learned their lesson after the unclearness of last season, and they’ll be focusing in on the aftermath of this attack on the Financial District instead of prolonging the leadup to the attack once it’s over and done with.

Episode 14 is sure to be a doozy, considering that’s likely when these terrorists will disappear into the wind or finally be caught out by the loyal members of the FBI. Unfortunately, it’s still too soon to tell who those loyal members might be…

“Quantico” returns Monday, Jan. 23, 2017 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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