As it always tends to go with “Quantico,” every week gives us a solid reason to doubt a new set of characters. This week we’re keeping Dayana (Pearl Thusi) and Leah (Helene Yorke) at the top of our list.

Whatever is going on between Owen (Blair Underwood) and Lydia (Tracy Ifeachor), they’re certainly working counter to Matthew Keyes (Henry Czerny). It’s too soon to tell whether that means they’re part of the AIC or if Keyes is, though.

What’s more than clear, however, is that Leigh is mixed up in this plot in ways that can only be bad news for Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin). The bug they found in Alex’s room last week belongs to none other than the hyper-focused soccer mom, Leigh Davis. We even get to see a peek of her listening in on their conversation as Sunday’s (Oct. 23) episode closed, and now we’re pretty sure she’s pure evil.

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Besides the fact that no one that obsessively organized (not to mention arrogant) could possibly be a good guy, we can’t come up with any reason why she should be spying on her fellow recruits. Let alone the recruit known to be a former FBI agent.

Leigh is definitely on our list of terrorist suspects, and we’ll be keeping a sharp eye on her from now on.

The other person who pinged our radar this week is Dayana.

From the first moment we met her, Dayana has seemed uncertain about joining the CIA. She’s reluctant to leave her old life as a litigator behind, and she’s spent most of her time at the farm near the bottom of the murder board. Normally, she would be the last person we’d suspect to be secretly recruiting members into the AIC.

That’s why she’s rocketed to the top of our list.

She’s been spending a little too much time cozying up to León (Aaron Diaz), who is at the top of the murder board. What better cover to use to lure an elite agent into a CIA faction than a harmless, struggling recruit? Dayana is immediately disregarded by most of the class, and she comes off about as non-threatening as a snuggly kitten. That sounds to us like the perfect mask to use when you’re trying to accrue secrets and assess the weaknesses of a new class of CIA agents.

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Whoever is working for the terrorists inside the financial district, at least we now know Shelby (Johanna Brady) has pegged Miranda as a mole.

If she and Alex can somehow manage to work together to counter Miranda’s moves on the outside, then that realization might finally change the game.

“Quantico” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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