Now that we're well into "Quantico" Season 2, there's a burning question on our minds that has yet to really be answered: Where the hell is Caleb Haas (Graham Rogers)?

As one of Alex's (Priyanka Chopra) fellow NATs, Caleb was a pretty pivotal character in the first season. His relationship with Shelby (Johanna Brady) quickly became a fan favorite, and he had some really juicy family and political drama on top of it all. Basically, he was a recipe for a perfect character.

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Now, Season 2 is steadily chugging along, and we have yet to see hide or hair of him so far.

According to Shelby in the premiere, Caleb is currently enrolled in Berkeley Law School after recovering from the terrible events of Season 1. Given that's all the way across the country, it makes sense that we haven't seen him kicking around The Farm in the flashbacks or dropkicking terrorists in the flash forwards.

Still, we can't help hoping that we'll see Caleb return for Season 2 -- and given who his mother is, it's a distinct possibility.

Last we heard of Claire Haas (Marcia Cross), she was a candidate for Vice President. Unless he was one of the 1,700 hostages released by the terrorists in Season 2's flash forward, the President is in a pretty precarious position right now. The return of Claire Haas seems imminent, especially if the President meets an untimely end... And where there's Claire, there's usually Caleb.

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We've struck out stalking Rogers' social media for clues about a potential return to "Quantico," but something tells us if he does pop back up in New York City (or even on The Farm), the writers will be keeping that tidbit of information on lockdown.

Fans can only pray that when and if Caleb makes his triumphant return to the show, he gets to rekindle things with Shelby because we seriously miss that relationship.

"Quantico" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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