It’s a reasonably good bet that few therapists service patients — and vice versa — like Dr. Linda Martin and Lucifer Morningstar.

As played by Rachael Harris, the counselor has a very personal interest in her client (Tom Ellis) who really is the self-exiled lord of hell in FOX’s DC Comics-inspired Monday adventure-drama series “Lucifer.” What she gets from him in exchange for her professional insights fulfills her in a different way … and also fulfills actress-comedian Harris’ trademark brand of slyly prurient humor.

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“She’s very buttoned up,” Harris tells Zap2it of her current alter ego, “and I think everyone does have this desire to explore, yet a lot of times, we are afraid of how society is going to perceive us and what our actions are.

“In the beginning, I’m so attracted to him, and I am attracted to the fact that he’s wild and has no boundaries and is very charming and dangerous. … but I think what ends up happening is she starts to realize, and I think what women start to realize, is that there’s something that he’s covering underneath there. There’s a reason that he’s acting out in the way that he is.

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Harris points out that Linda hasn’t met Lucifer in a doctor-patient scenario, but in the course of her helping him try to solve a mystery: “When he comes back to her and says that he would like to work on some issues, I think there’s a part of her that wants to work with him on these things, but she does completely become unraveled because she’s not seen as a sexual person. At least, this is what I think with Linda. She’s never let herself go and be fun like that.

“Everyone in the show is trying to figure out this new way of being,” adds Harris. “We’ve all had experiences in the past that we really weren’t very proud of, or things that we want to change. And it’s very hard in our lives. What I think is great on the show is that you see how hard it is to change.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin