rachel brosnahan manhattan season 1 wgn 'Manhattan's' Rachel Brosnahan calls 'The Blacklist,' 'Orange Is the New Black' roles 'very lucky'
Zap2it: How is it to work on the somewhat isolated New Mexico set that was developed for “Manhattan”?
Rachel Brosnahan: It feels stupid, almost, to compare our situation to what the actual people really went through — but in a way, I think it’s helped us become grounded. We’re all by ourselves, living in Santa Fe, and we came here not knowing anyone.
We’d met once at a table read in Los Angeles, but we have formed a community as a cast and crew, and I think it’s helped us find a way into this. This is exactly what the families who came to Los Alamos experienced.
Zap2it: What do you think of the role that your character, Abby, plays in the saga?
Rachel Brosnahan: There’s a wealth of information about the science aspect of this, and it took a little bit of digging to find some of the wonderful accounts of the women who lived there.
The wives also represented a vastly diverse pool; some were scientists, there were also Army women, and then there were the wives who simply came along as part of their husbands’ journey. That’s where Abby enters into this.
Zap2it: How have you managed to appear in many of TV’s most buzzworthy shows, also including “The Blacklist,” “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black”?
Rachel Brosnahan: At this point, I’m feeling very lucky to be working, and to have been given opportunities to work on such incredible material … and in a lot of different facets of television as well.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin