Continuing with the trend of adapting big screen franchises to the small-screen, Deadline is reporting that Fox has closed a development deal for a “Rambo” TV series. Titled “Rambo: New Blood,” the project comes with Sylvester Stallone attached as executive producer.

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The report goes on to say there is uncertainty whether Stallone will reprise his role of John Rambo — which he portrayed in all four movies — but the studio is definitely open to the possibility.

“Rambo: New Blood” will be penned by Jeb Stuart, the man behind such cinematic action classics like “Die Hard” and “The Fugitive” and the story here will follow J.R., John Rambo’s ex-Navy SEAL son, who will allegedly take the reigns as the lead character.

What’s interesting is that the synopsis alludes to Rambo Sr. being a central character on the show which leads to speculation that Stallone will in fact put himself in front of the camera.

Whichever the case, it looks like Stallone is cementing a new working relationship with the network as another one of his action movie franchises, “The Expendables,” is in development at Fox with the same producing team attached.

“Rambo: New Blood” is just the latest in the trend of movie-to-TV adaptations on the horizon. With action dramas like NBC’s “In The Line Of Fire” and CBS’s “Training Day,” it feels like a “Rambo” series will fit right in with the current landscape.

Plus, the last time the Green Beret appeared on the small-screen was in the 1986 animated series “Rambo: The Force of Freedom.” which basically means … the character is deserving of some proper television redemption.

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