randall park fresh off the boat the interview 'The Interview's' Randall Park was never worried about being hackedThe frenzy around “The Interview” has died down since Sony ended up releasing the film online and in some theaters, but the shadow of North Korea’s hack attack over the film still hangs over Randall Park. 

The actor, who played dictator Kim Jong-un in the movie, headed to the 2015 winter TV press tour to promote his new ABC comedy “Fresh Off the Boat,” and was asked about how “The Interview” has affected him.

“It’s been interesting,” he says carefully. “That definitely was a crazy experience.”
Even Park has seen the frenzy fade away, saying, “Right after the movie came out, everything kind of died down and I was trying to piece everything together in my head. I still haven’t fully kind of pieced everything together as to what that whole experience meant to me. I was just really glad the movie came out and that in the end people got to see [it]. Now we’re headed into this show and I’m excited to move on from that.”
One of the most bizarre experiences for Park was watching the news in the midst of the hacking scandal and seeing Kim being discussed while his face was being shown. “That’s how well you played it,” Constance Wu, his on-screen “Fresh Off the Boat” wife, quips. “You confused the media.”
“I’m glad that this whole chapter is done,” Park admits. Still, he never felt like he was in danger during “The Interview” scandal. “I was never worried for my safety or getting hacked or any of that during that whole process,” he says.
That hasn’t stopped the “Fresh Off the Boat” crew from ribbing him about it. “No one wanted ot sit next to Randall on set for like a week,” executive producer Nahnatchka Khan jokes.
“Fresh off the Boat” premieres Feb. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 
Posted by:Terri Schwartz